About Us

The story behind Intersecting Views

Intersecting Views has been 3 years in the making due to unforeseen circumstances every time I tried to get the site online something would happen to distract me. Eventually last year in August 2012 when the domain names and hosting were to be renewed, I took the plunge and renewed everything for 6 years which gave me no excuse to sit back and do nothing.

At the end of 2012 I emailed all my friends asking them what title I should call myself and I was surprised with all the responses and offers of help. So now Intersecting Views has a Chief Editor and 3 Editors and additional guest writers when they have content we can use.

The Logo Concept and Design.

So after the title was decided  it was time to get a Logo design and I found an amazing guy in England, Matt McDonald of Rockadero Design, I’m not even sure how I found him now but I think it was through a Facebook follow.

I emailed Matt a designed concept of a stylized “Q” with the rainbow colours of the Gay Flag underlining the website name and he nailed it with 4 options and I decided on the open “Q” design giving the meaning that our readers are open to new Points of View and rather than a closed “Q” which would mean people were unable or not willing to listen to new Points of View.

So with Logo and stationary design ready it was off to design the site with WordPress which for a complete computer novice has turned into a huge learning curve and lead to postponing the launch of the site several times because I’m a perfectionist. However I now feel I have something to work with and will continue to tweak the design over the next few months as I learn more about computer programming.