David Madrick

Chief Editor

I was born in a country city in the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales called Armidale which is located half way between Sydney and Brisbane via the inland highway. With a permanent population of about 20,000 in the 1970’s the population grew by about 10,000 during school terms because Armidale had the honour of having The University of New England and approximately 8 High Schools 6 of which were private schools, catering to the children of farmers from around the region and 2 public High Schools. There was also the Armidale Teachers College before it was merged with the University of New England. The city also had 2 Cathedrals’ One Catholic and one Anglican which is unusual for a town of its size.

However after realizing I was gay at 17 years old and that a town the size of Armidale was not going to be accepting of me in the 1970’s, I moved to Sydney, the capital city of the state of New South Wales. I didn’t finish High School but that didn’t deter me from getting a job and I worked for various companies until I was 21 years old.

At this time I was working for the Government as a “switch bitch” at the International Telephone Exchange using the old plug and cord telephone system. I still remember how we would introduce ourselves to Overseas Telephone Exchange operators “Hello London this is Sydney calling” and one of the other gay operators who had a customer call in asking for a call to Intercourse in the USA and his only comment was “Wouldn’t we all Love”

I then applied for a job with Qantas as a “Trolley Dolly” or Steward if I have to be politically correct, which to my surprise I didn’t get past the 1st Interview.  How dare they I said and wanting to travel the world for free I found out you could do a course to become a Travel Agent but the cost was prohibitive.

Then a girlfriend at the Telephone Exchange suggested I check the Government run TAFE (Technical and Further Education) College and to my surprise I was a week from the new year starting and it was free. So I started the course and only lasted 6 months because one of my lecturer’s told me I was good enough to employ and he got me a job at Wales Tours, from then on it was onwards and upwards for next 22 years moving from being a Retail Travel Consultant to a Corporate (Business) Travel Agent and eventually moving into Management before the September 11th attacks and the collapse of Australia’s 2nd domestic airline Ansett meant I couldn’t find a job in the Travel Industry.

Never being one to sit idle I moved into the Call Centre industry working for Fuji Xerox before becoming redundant because I was doing such a good job. I then went to manage a small call centre for one of Australia’s largest construction companies, Australand. Then on my way home 1 year exactly after starting to work for them I was involved in a car accident which left me permanently disabled and unable to work due to a herniated disc which touches my spinal cord.

I’m now on major pain killers and mentally and physically adapted to the disability but my brain works and that is why after all the Doctors and Lawyers had their go at me, I traveled to the USA twice and bought a house with my compensation money.

Now it is time to get my ass in gear and do something to keep myself from going insane. So Intersecting Views was born and I’m hoping it will be a little piece of the Internet that you all like reading.

Apart from me complaining about the Politicians, media sensationalizing the news, revealing the truths and myths about religions around the world and the sexual exploitation of people all over the world you can expect to read articles about Royal Families, Music, TV shows that I love watching and giving advice on travel and you may even get to read about our 2 pussy cats, Burma and Samson, our little baby dog called Rozie, that is Rozie with a Z just like Liza with a Z and my roommate Rodolfo who has shared various apartments and houses with me for the last 20 years. So I suppose you could say I’m a Gaynster a Gay version of a Spinster.

Suze Datz

Suze Datz

Western USA Editor

Suze Datz is a 30 year veteran of the Entertainment Industry, she handled the advertising for Paramount Pictures Corporation for 10 years and then segued into the Visual Effects Industry where she has spent the last 20 years. Having worked for one of the most high profile effects studios, Rhythm & Hues, winner of 3 Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects,

Suze also had the pleasure of working in Australia as recruiter for Happy Feet 2 where she met David Madrick the Chief Editor of Intersecting Views They both formed an immediate friendship based on our mutual friendship with TC Rice the Eastern USA Editor for Intersecting Views and common interests in Film, Theatre, Poverty, Abuse of women worldwide and the list goes on.

Upon returning from Australia, Suze resumed teaching at the Gnomon School for Visual Effects where she teaches Career Realities – the good, the bad and the ugly of working in Entertainment Industry. All her students love her classes because she knows the business and has exceptional communication skills and a good sense of humour.

Suze is an avid reader and movie buff, as well as an animal lover who lives with her cat, Hootie Wilson, and her dog, Dunkin. She enjoys hiking, gardening, swimming and is an amateur nature photographer.
Born and raised on Long Island, she moved to California when she was 17 and started college at UCLA, graduating in 1975. She now lives in gorgeous Palm Springs, California where it is paradise all year round and where she can enjoy her flamingo garden with Hootie and Dunkin.

TC (Glen) Rice

TC (Glen) Rice

Eastern USA Editor

TC Rice is a renaissance man and his personal business card reflects his abilities as it reads “done everything, will travel”. He began his career in the film distribution world in the late 1970s by selling popcorn in a cinema in Seattle. Since then he has moved on to marketing and selling films for such companies as Hemdale, Samuel Goldwyn, Manhattan Pictures, etc., The range of the films he has worked on goes from the original CARE BEARS and BAD LIEUTENANT to such highly regarded films as IN THE FAMILY, THE SECRET LIVES OF DENTISTS and others. As a non fiction writer he is credited with several texts on film box office analysis, and is the author of several screenplays currently on option as well as the books THE JOURNEY OF EZMERALDA and the soon to be released TOUGH BROADS AND OTHER STORIES, which you will get to read on Intersecting Views before the books release.

Personally Rice’s interests include reading, writing, and arithmetic. His politics lean neither to the Right nor the Left, but toward the Practical with a view toward the future and the long term. His humor leans to the dark side and truly bad puns.

Warwick Brown

Warwick Brown

UK/Europe Editor 

Warwick Brown was born in western Sydney in the late 1960’s and after leaving school he moved to the inner city suburbs of Sydney where in the late 1980’s and 1990’s it was the place to be seen and that he was.

He started work as an operator for Qantas in their reservations department before moving to Melbourne where he worked as a travel agent for various companies. On his return to Sydney he had realised that he wanted to focus on the Corporate Travel Industry and as luck would have it, David Madrick (yes our Chief Editor) was the Manager of an in house Corporate Travel office at Woolworths, one of Australia two largest supermarket chains and he needed an International Travel Consultant. So Warwick joined David and they worked together for about 9 months before David was promoted and Warwick was then promoted to the Manager of the Woolworths office. After the Travel Agency he was working for lost the contract for Woolworths Warwick was promoted twice, eventually becoming the Manager of the Head office.

Warwick started studying for his Bachelor of Business, at the University of Technology Sydney which he finished and started to think about the next step in his career. Little did he know he would end up in London working as a Corporate Travel Account Manager which is where lives now.

Warwick is always on the move going somewhere, meeting new people and trying new things. He is an avid skier and has skied the slopes of the USA, Canada and France. When he’s not skiing he’s seeking the sun. Since he arrived in London he has been to Stockholm, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, Istanbul and Cyprus.

Warwick is an out and about type of guy, always off to see the latest show or act he can find like Joan Collins, Tori Amos, The Book of Mormons, Cecilia Bartoli (Opera Singer) or Liza On an E (Drag Queen). Apart from the shows he sees Warwick is a huge fan of Cher and Charlies Angels. His other interests in music and movies are too many to mention. You’ll just have to wait for his reviews.

He is man of fashion always looking his best in the latest styles around and not afraid to admit he is a follower of the latest techniques in Manscaping.