Intersecting Views started to evolve.


Originally Intersecting Views was going to be my way of venting my anger on Politicians, The Sexual ignorance and atrocities of people around the world, the Truths and Myths surrounding all Religions, Country Profiles, Poverty and Corrupt Governments and the way mainstream Media play in sensationalizing the news and forming people’s Point’s of View. 

However now we have grown into a much larger forum for discussion on the Serious Points of View and are now including the following sections for discussion and reviews.


The Arts - Film and Film festivals, Theatre, Art Exhibitions and the relevant Education to become employable in these industries. 

Lifestyle – Fashion, Style Travel, Photography and maybe a bit of Social Gossip thrown in for good measure. 

Technology – Smartphone’s, Iphone’s, Tablet’s, Computer’s, Ipad’s, Gadget’s and all manner of App’s for all devices. 

Entertainment - Music, Concerts, Festivals, TV, Books, Movies, Comedy and Celebrity news. 

Historical Views – A place to get a brief roundup of Historical Events of the day, Independence Days, Famous Birthday and anything else we can find. This will not be updated daily but on an as need basis or when time permits. 

Ridiculously Absurd Views – basically a Fail category. A stupid or silly view we have found for your amusement. 

Our List’s – A place where each Editor can post their own recommendations on companies, places, restaurants, clubs, bars they have used or anything they feel like writing about. 

The lists will be organized in Local, Regional, National and International sections, all recommendations will be researched but are not guaranteed by Intersecting Views. Any use of these services is taken on the understanding that you, the reader takes full responsibility that you will need to verify the service provided by the organization in each Editors List. 

Your List’s – We saved the best  for last. We will publish a “Your Lists” section where you can do the same as we do with the Editors List’s. 

A few rules will apply. We will need at least 3 references for each recommendation you wish to list unless you are adding a tourist destination or a place where it is not possible to obtain a reference, you may add your business (A fee will apply if adding your own business which will be determined at the time of approval) to the list but we will require a few extra details and there MUST be 3 references and they cannot be friends, family or employees. 

To have “Your List” added to the “Your Lists” section please use the “Contact Us Form” with all the details and contact information for verification purposes. 

In all cases it will be the Chief Editor’s sole discretion if we include the recommendation or not in the “Your List’s” category.


We hope you enjoy our post’s on what we call our ” Netazine” because we are not a Magazine or a Blog we are a group of people trying to inform you about different “Points of View” so you can be more informed and make your own decision and hopefully have a little bit of fun along the way.