Welcome to Intersecting Views. Our launch date is Soon


            The publishers are pleased to announce the new publication INTERSECTING VIEWS which will be active on-line soon INTERSECTING VIEWS is a publication dedicated to cover Fashion, Style, The Arts, Entertainment, Gossip, Travel, Politics around the world, Sex, Religions, Poverty, Corrupt Governments and their backers and just plain practical advice. with a focus on all things Australian to start, the publishers believe the publication will eventually be subscribed to by an international audience.

Published by David Madrick out of Australia, INTERSECTING VIEWS (IV) already has correspondents in California, New York, Montreal, London and Paris.

IV does not expect to fit anyone’s current mold of a “magazine”, but it is more than a blog. Its content will be honest, sometimes controversial, and conversing opinions, but always authentic, and always looking for reader feedback. IV becomes a home-ground for anyone who thinks outside the box.

With our slogan “Where Our Point Of View Intersects With Your Point Of View” we are sure that there will be some interesting and exciting points of view discussed on all our articles.

Sorry for anyone who was waiting for the Launch on the 1st May but as novice computer  person I had some technical issues to sort out.